General Ledger Overview

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: January 8th, 2019

The General Ledger is a complete record of financial transactions over the life of the foundation. If contains the information needed to prepare financial statements and includes accounts for Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue and Expenses.

To perform a search of the general ledger, go to the General Ledger page and enter the applicable search criteria. At a minimum you must enter both a start and an end date to perform a search. The other fields are optional. 

  • Transaction Reference is a (Trans Ref) to search specific types of transactions such as admin fees, customer payments, donations, etc. 
  • Account Types is a drop-down that allows you to search for items such as accounts payable, payroll expense, support, program.
  • Account is a drop-down that allows you to pick from your chart of accounts.
  • Fund is a drop-down that lists all your Funds, so you can search for transactions within a Fund.
  • Fund Type is a drop-down that allows you to choose permanently restricted, temporarily restricted or unrestricted funds.
  • TransID is where you can enter a specific transaction ID number.
  • Description allows users to type a description to help narrow down the search, eg. donation, dinner. 
    • This search will pick up any transaction where the description appears, even if it is within another word.