FIMS Reconcile

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: October 29th, 2018
  1. Within FIMS, export your Fund Trial Balance to your computer.
    • You will need to adjust the column titles of your FIMS data to match the format below:
      • fund (short name)
      • acc_number
      • debit
      • credit
  2. Within CommunitySuite, navigate to General Ledger from the Home page.
  3. Select FIMS Reconcile from the left-side menu.
  4. In the Upload Fund Trial Balance window, click Choose File.
  5. Locate and select your exported Fund Trial Balance .csv file, then click Open.
  6. Below the Fund Trial Balance window, click Process.
  7. From the left-side menu:
    1. Click Map Funds.
    2. Click Map Accounts.
    3. Click Compare.
      • Note: If the option to Compare does not appear, certain Fund and/or Account data did not map correctly. Failed data will display as a blank cell in the FundID and/or Account columns of the FIMS Reconcile window.
      • In the Compare to CSuite window:
        • Enter a Date.
        • Click Compare and a .csv file will download to your computer's downloads folder.

The Compare file contains:

  • fund_name
  • acc_number
  • account_name
  • fims_balance
  • diff_balance