Ajah Integration*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

CommunitySuite is integrated with Ajah, which allows Canadian clients to check and confirm a grantseekers nonprofit status. To utilize Ajah, the grantee's business number (tax ID) must be present in the grantees profiles. In System Data, the box next to Enable Ajah must be checked and the box next to Enable Guidestar must be unchecked.

You may run an Ajah Charity Check by: 

  •  Accessing the grantee's profile
  • Then selecting [ajah charity check] next to the EIN number
  • You are directed to the Ajah Charity Check page where you can review the grantee's charitable status
  • Upon returning to the grantee's profile you will see the timestamp for running the most recent Charity Check in the Last Pub78 Check field


  • Accessing a grant request
  • Clicking [ajah charity check] next to Pub78 Checked
  • A verification message will appear briefly on the screen before returning to the grant request where you will see the Charity Check timestamp in the Pub78 Checked field