Edit a Grant

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: June 26th, 2019

Grant details can be edited directly from a grant, by entering edit mode, or from the left-side menu.


  • The fields and features available to add and/or edit may differ depending on how your grant is set up, and where you're editing from (edit mode, from a grant, left-side menu). 
  • You must Unpost a Grant before it can be edited.

  1. Select Grants from the Home page.
  2. In the New grant bucket, select the grant ID number.

Add or Edit from a Grant

  1. While viewing a grant, click Add or Edit next to the following fields: 
    • Grant Cycle - select a Grant Cycle.
      • Note: if you select a grant cycle, the Public Donations field will automatically be set to Yes.
    • Sponsored Org - this toggle sets who the vendor will be on the voucher.
    • Pay Sponsored Org - this toggle will only display if a sponsored org has been set.
      • If the Pay Sponsored Org field says:
        • Yes - creating the voucher will set the Sponsored Org as the vendor on that voucher
        • No - creating the voucher will set the Grantee as the vendor on that voucher
          NOTE: If you want the vendor to be different for each payment, you must toggle the Sponsored Org field between creating vouchers.
    • Grant Advisor
    • Grant Beneficiary
    • Anonymous Grant
    • Grant Type
    • Service Area
    • Grant Letter Template - select a grant letter template from the drop-down.

Edit Mode

  1. Click Edit to enter edit mode.
  2. While in Edit mode, you can edit the following fields:
    • Grant Date
    • Expense Account (internal grants only)
    • Revenue Account (internal grants only)
    • Description
    • Amount
    • Public Donations - allows direct donations from the public grant page.
    • Grant Category
    • Sort Order
    • Grant Summary

Left-Side Menu