Add & Create Recurring Grants

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: January 25th, 2021
  1. Select Funds from the Home page.
  2. Search and select the fund that the recurring grant will be from.
  3. Hover your cursor over the left-side menu, scroll to the bottom, and select Add Recurring Grant.
  4. If this will be an external recurring grant, enter the name of the Grantee, or click Show List to select from a list of grantees. If this will be an internal recurring grant, enter the name of the Source Fund and Destination Fund, then click Create.
  5. Complete the fields in the Create Recurring Grant window, then click Create.

    Recurring Grant Fields

    • Start Date - date that the first grant is made.
    • Amount - the amount of each recurrence.
    • Public Donations - check the box if the grant will be included in the Grant Catalog, and you want it to receive public funding.
    • Summary - what the grant is supporting.
    • Anonymous Grant - check the box if you want this grant to remain anonymous to fund advisors.
    • Grant Interval - how often the grant will be paid out.
    • Next Date - date that the next grant payment will be made.
    • Max Recurrence - the number of instances of this grant that you want to award.
      • If you leave the Max Recurrence blank, the grant will be open ended and continue in perpetuity.

  6. Review the recurring grant information and click Create Grant.
  7. Navigate back to the main Grants page and select Recurring.

    If an installment is due or past due it will be highlighted in red.

  8. From here you can view all of your recurring grants. 
  9. Click Create Grants to create grants in batch. This can be helpful if you have multiple recurring grants.
  10. Click Specific Funds to create recurring grants for specific fund groupings.

    II you want to create recurring grants for all funds, click All Funds and proceed to step 5.

  11. Check the box next to each Fund Group, Subgroup, or Divison that you want to create recurring grants for, then click Next.

    The Grants Due column tells you the specific number of grants that are due for each group.

  12. Check the boxes next to grants that you want to create and click Create Grants.
  13. Click Yes to proceed with creating the grant(s).