Create a Grant*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

If a Fund Advisor who holds a Fund at your foundation wants to grant money to a nonprofit grantee or if they wish to give to another Fund, they can do this from their online Donor Portal or you can create a new Grant Request for them.

  • From the Homepage, select Grants from the top tabs or from the Nonprofit column
  • Click on Create from the left menu

Begin by Picking one:
External Grant - Giving a grant from a Fund at your foundation to an outside nonprofit - this requires that you first select a Grantee

- OR -
Internal Grant - Giving a grant from one Fund to another Fund at your foundation

  • If Internal, type the Source Fund (where the money is coming from) and type the Destination Fund (where the money is going to)
  • If External, find the Grantee by typing in the text box, names of grantees will appear, select the Grantee who will receive this grant. 
    • If your grantee name does not appear, you'll need to Create a new grantee by clicking on [show list] and Add Profile from the tabs on the left-hand side of the page. This will take you to Profiles where you will create a new Profile and tag them as a Grantee

After selecting your grantee, you will now begin Creating a Grant

  • Pick the Request Date.
  • Enter a brief Description.
  • Select a Grant Type from the drop-down menu (you must create the Grant Types first)
  • Enter the dollar Amount of the Grant (do not use commas or dollar signs)

*For External Grant creation only: If you want the public to crowdfund a grant select the Public Donations checkbox - remember to enter a description of the funding opportunity in the Summary text box.

  • Select from the drop-down menu the name of the Granting Fund providing the money for the grant.
  • Select Anonymous Grant if needed. (If you mark a grant as Anonymous only users with Administrative permissions will be able to see the granting Fund)
  • Click the Create button.

Your screen should look like this for creating an external grant.

The Grant will now be ready to have a GuideStar Charity Check to verify the 501(c)3 status of the grantee.

  • Select [guidestar charity check] for verification. 

After the grant is created you will have the option to edit or add additional details before posting and going through the Approval process. 

Now you can choose Post & Get Approval from the left side of the screen.

Now the Grant will move through the Grant approval process where your Grant Approvers or Evaluators can Approve or Reject the Grant Request. If approved, you can find the Grant on your Grants page in the Grant Bucket called Voucher

If the Grant is approved - you can select [pay] from the Grant Payment Schedule table and process the payment.