Grant Approval*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

To process or move a Grant from the Request, New, Catalog or Import buckets, a Grant Approver needs to review, evaluate and approve the request. Some foundations may call these people grant evaluators. 

You can find, create or edit Grant Approvers by going to Funds and choosing Grant Approvers on the left menu. Each Fund must have a minimum of one (1) Grant Approver.

Once a grant is created, you will see it in the "New" bucket in Grants and your Grant Approvers will receive a system generated email to approve or deny the grant. After the grant is approved it can be vouchered and paid. Foundations who only have one Grant Approver or Evaluator will need them to approve the grant before paying it.

If your Foundation has a Grants Committee it is important to set-up the percent (%) of approvers needed to issue a grant, the setting is in System Data:

  • The system default is set so that if 50% of your grant approvers or evaluators accept a grant request made by a Fund Advisor, the grant can move from the Approval stage to the Voucher stage, and you will be ready to cut a check. For example: if you have a grants committee of four (4) you will need two (2) people to log in and approve the grant to move forward.
  • If a grant is marked Anonymous, your grant approvers will not be able to see the Fund giving the Grant (unless they have Administrative permissions or can Edit Grants)

NOTE: You can disable system generated emails to Grant Approvers in System Data. If you do not want to send an alert email to your grant approvers that there is a grant available for approval, just check the Disable Approval Emails checkbox.