Run a Charity Check

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: August 28th, 2019

Note: To run a charity check on a grantee:

  • Enable Guidestar (for American clients) or Enable Ajah (for Canadian clients) must be enabled in system data.
  • The Grantee must have an EIN entered in their profile.
  • No Charity Status Check must be unchecked in the grantee record.
  • Select Grantees from the Home page.
  • Search for a Grantee or click List and select from the list.
    • If you use the List option, click Grantee in the profile record.
  • Click guidestar charity check.
    • The charity check will pull the grantee's information from Guidestar.
  • Click show charity log to view a record of all completed charity checks.
  • If the Charity Verified status is Yes, you'll be able to process grants for the grantee. 


  • You can also run a charity check while processing a grant by clicking Guidestar Charity Check.

If your Guidestar Charity Check fails:

  • Double check that the organization's EIN is entered correctly.
  • The organization may be a chapter of a bigger organization/government body/school.
  • In the end, it may be best to reach out to the organization and have them send you the proof of their non-profit status.