Edit a Grantee Record

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: April 23rd, 2021
  1. Select Grantees from the Home page.
  2. Search for a grantee, or click List to select from a list of all grantees.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the Grantee window, edit the following:

    No Charity Status Check

    Select this checkbox to disable Guidestar/Ajah charity checks for the grantee.

    Last Charity Status Check

    Enter the last date that a charity check (Guidestar/Ajah) was run for the grantee.

    Last Financial Date

    Enter the last time the grantee's finances were checked.

    Public Requests

    Select the box to allow the grantee to receive donations in the Donation Portal, Donor Portal, and Grant Catalog.

    If the grantee is a school, they probably won't have a profile in Guidestar/Ajah; so you can disable the charity check.

  5. Once all edits have been made, click Save.

You can perform these other Grantee functions from the left menu:

  • Delete the Grantee (the profile remains in the database)
  • Attach a file
  • Add a note
  • Email the Grantee
  • Set the Grantee as inactive
  • Find Checks or Vouchers associated with the Grantee
  • Create a Grant or Voucher for the Grantee
  • View the Log of who/when the record was edited
  • Merge the record with another if there are duplicates