Adding a Grantee*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

A Grantee is a 501(c)3 type nonprofit. The nonprofit must have a Profile and be tagged as a grantee in the system. 

To get started, go to Grantees under the Non-Profit column

  • Search for the Grantee name
  • Select the Profile and choose Make Grantee from the left menu
    • If they are not found you need to add them to the system.

Add a new Grantee by going to Profiles under the Core Column, or click Create from the left menu.

  • Search for the name in the Search Profile box
  • If they are not in your database, select Create from the lefthand side of the screen
  • Enter the name of the Organization in the Organization text box
  • Enter the contact data such as Address, Zip code, Phone, Email and their EIN number in the FedID (SSN/EIN) box
  • Choose Save when complete

Note: Billing Address is the address that goes on the check

Zip Code, the address zip code should be entered into the US/CAN Zipcode textbox - the system will automatically generate the city and state from the zip code entered based on postal code data

Legal Name goes on the check, if no legal name is entered then the system uses the name provided

Now you will need to make the profile a grantee.

  • Place your cursor in the left side menu and scroll down
  • Select Make Grantee

Notice in the "Profile Is" section you will see that the profile is now a Grantee.

  • Select the hyperlinked Grantee to see the Grantee record

You are now in the Grantee record. 

To add more specific information to the Grantee record you can select Edit from the left side menu

  • Items you can add or edit:
    • disable or override the Guidestar Charity Check by selecting No Pub 78 Check checkbox (useful for schools/universities)
    • enter the Last Financial Date
    • allow the grantee to be visible on your online pages for public requests by selecting the Public Requests checkbox
  • Save the updated Grantee data by selecting the Save button