Groups Overview

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: April 14th, 2022

User groups dictate what permissions a user will have in the system.

Users will not be able to log into CommunitySuite unless they're added to a group.

  1. Log into CommunitySuite and select Groups from the Core column of the Home page.
  2. The groups page displays a list of the default CommunitySuite groups, and any custom groups that have been created by your foundation.

    Default User Groups

    • Admin - has access to everything in the system.
    • Accounting - has access to everything in the system, except the ability to create users, set passwords, and change permissions for users or user groups.
    • Staff - has access to most items. Read-only access to financials, users and permissions.
    • Audit - has “read only” access to everything. Designed for an external auditor - for example, you can create a user with "read only" access for your annual audit.