FIMS Profile Conversion Summary

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: April 23rd, 2021

When importing your data and setting up your CRM system there are a few key decisions to make regarding how information is kept on a profile. The following is a guide that helps delineate these decisions:


In FIMs most information about a household is stored on the Profile1 tab and secondary information such as spouse name and email is stored on the Profile2 tab. In the conversion to CSuite there are three options for bringing dual profiles over.

1. One Household profile per Household

Combine Profile1 tab and Profile2 tab to one Household profile: i.e. “Bob and Sally Smith”. This creates one profile in CSuite. All Affiliation Codes, Notes, Contacts, Profile Fund Associations, Giving History, and Relationship Links will combine on the Household Profile.

All information lives in one place; you do not have to create a process document for where you store information.

You cannot easily record information about Individuals within the Household on a combined Household profile, such as individual donor notes or donations from an individual. You have less flexibility to contact individuals at different emails, addresses, and phone numbers. You are limited to one Salutation and Mailing Label so contacting Individuals would require manual work.

2. Two Individual profiles per Household

Create separate Individual profiles for Profile1 and Profile2 tabs, and do not create a Household profile. All Affiliation Codes, Notes, Contacts, Profile Fund Associations, Giving History, and Relationship Links will migrate to the Profile1 Individual and will not be applied to the Profile2 Individual. You can manually create and link Household profiles to Individual profiles as needed.

Limits number of profiles created in your migration.

You will not have a place where you can house “joint” information.

3. Three profiles per Household "Trifecta" (two Individual and one Household)

Combine Profile1 and Profile2 tabs into one Household profile and also create Individual Profiles for Profile1 and Profile2 tabs. This creates three separate profiles in CSuite. The Household profile will be linked to each Individual profile. In this scenario, you choose whether Affiliation Codes, Notes, Contacts, Profile Fund Associations, Giving History, and Relationship Links stay on the Profile1 Individual, or are migrated to the Household profile and/or the Profile2 Individual.

You can actively track your organization’s relationship with the combined household and differentiate the relationships you have with each individual. You can track which individual attended an event. You can choose to communicate with the household via their preferred mailing address and phone number, or the individuals based off their preferred mailing address and phone number.

More places to put data creates more room for error. To help alleviate this, create a process document and train staff on where and how to enter information with this system.

Whichever structure you select is applied to all profiles in your database.

Name & Salutation Fields

Here is an overview of each name field available in CSuite:

Individual Name
The name you call the person most (i.e. Jon Smith). All name components (Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix) are separate fields.

Household Name
The name of the combined members of the Household. The recommended Household Name format will lead with Last Name so they'll fall in A-Z order in profile lists. Here are recommended formats:

  • When same Last Name: Smith, Jon & Jane
  • When different Last Name: Smith, Jon & Robinson, Jan

Organization Name
All name fields on Organizations (Organization Name, Salutation, Mailing Label) are generally the same, so choose what you'd like to display on your envelopes and letters. Unless otherwise specified, Foundant will set the same name for all three fields.

Legal Name
Full name on their birth certificate (i.e. Jonathon Wright Smith). One field is stored so enter full name.

Legal First Name
The First Name used in a person's full name (i.e. Jonathon).

Name that you use to address someone in a letter (i.e. Jon or Mr. Smith). To include a contact name for Organizations, you can import the contact's name in Salutation, then move this to Contact Name using Bulk Edit.

Mailing Label
The name that goes along with the address on an envelope (i.e. Mr. Jon Smith or Jon Smith).

It's important to populate Salutation and Mailing Label because these are common merge fields in templates. Templates cannot default to other fields so blank fields = blank data on your template result. They do default to other fields when generating mailing labels or printing envelopes from CSuite. When Salutation is blank, it will default to Mailing Label and if Mailing Label is blank it will pull First Name and Last Name with Prefix. When Mailing Label is blank it will default to First Name and Last Name without Prefix.


Make Householding Decision between options 1, 2, or 3 as outlined above

  1. One Household profile
  2. Two Individual Profiles
  3. 'Trifecta' of one Household and two Individual profiles

After a householding decision is made, decide where Affiliation Codes, Notes, Contacts, Profile Fund Associations, Giving History, and Relationship Links will live. “All Profiles” indicates they should live on the Household and both Individual Profiles.

Profile1 Individual Household Profile
Affiliation Codes


Fund Associations

Giving History

Decide how Name, Legal Name, Salutation and Mailing Label will manifest on both the Household and Individual Profiles.

Individuals Households

Legal Name


Mailing Label

Review your decisions with your CSM, and include any other migration requests.