Check for a Missing Donation

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: January 7th, 2021

How to check for a missing donation:

  • The first place to check is your Stripe asset General Ledger account. Online donations get deposited here, and a few days later Stripe will initiate a real-world transfer to your checking account and create a transfer record in CSuite. If you see a transfer that puts the Stripe GL account negative, you are missing something (unless you recently processed a refund). Check to find the missing payment. For dates follow the Balance in the Stripe account. If you see it going to zero, then after a transfer it drops to negative check during that period. Compare the payments at to your payments into the Stripe GL account.
  • In this example Stripe transferred $50 more into my checking account than I have in donations. I would then search for payments between 12/7 and 12/9 for the missing $50 charge.


You identify there is a missing donation, and you want to know the fund:

  • Log into the account and find the payment in
  • Hopefully, there is a payment intent code 
  • Clicking on that will bring you to the record. Which has details of what was purchased

Recommend steps to record the donation:

  • In CSuite, create a profile payment using the Other Payment method and the date of the transaction.
    • Create a donation to the funds listed, again use the date of the transaction. Or Sell Ticket to the event listed, if the transaction was for an event created in CommunitySuite.
  • On the till screen [reconcile] the Other Payment deducting the fees Stripe charged and deposit on the purchase date in your Stripe GL asset account, this will process like a normal online donation.