Refund an Invoice


Written by Sydney Henderson

Last published at: March 8th, 2021


Any customer or profile payment that is made is created as a payment applied to an open invoice. You will need to create a negative invoice for the profile to issue a refund. 

  1. Begin by navigating to the Invoice page from the Home page. 
  2. Click on the InvoiceID that needs to be refunded. 
  3. Click on the Customer in the Invoice table. 
  4. Click Create Invoice on the left side menu. 
  5. Enter an Invoice Date and Fund in the Create Invoice table. 
  6. Add a Description, Quantity, Negative Unit Price and Revenue Account to the Items table. 
  7. Click Save. 
  8. Review then click Post. 
  9. Click Apply Balance on the left side menu. 
  10. Click the Check Box as shown below next to the invoice. 
  11. Click Apply. 

A refund is only possible if the Open Balance is over $0.