Link Donations/Pledges to Opportunity

Written by Jessica Welles

Last published at: May 8th, 2020

Donations and pledges can be linked to opportunities. Multiple donations and/or pledges can be linked to one opportunity.

Donations will decrease the balance in the opportunity. Pledges will not decrease the opportunity balance. Their associated pledge payments will decrease the opportunity balance.


This opportunity has a balance of $100,000, and no donations or pledges have been linked:


After a donation or pledge is posted on a record with an open opportunity, a Link Open Opportunity box will appear. This will display all open opportunities on the record the donation or pledge was posted to. 

Select the blue [link] option on the right hand side. Selecting this will link the donation or pledge to the opportunity. The opportunity ID will display in the donation.

The opportunity now has a $0 balance and the donation linked to the opportunity is displayed on the page.