Available Reports for Tributes*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: September 14th, 2021

To generate a Donation Summary Report:

  • Go to Tributes
  • Select Donation Report from the left menu
  • Pick a Report Date Range and choose Create Report

The system will produce a table with the Tributes listed along with, how many Donations and the total amount donated for that time span. You can change the dates by selecting Change Date on the left menu or select Export CSV to download the data to your computer.

For a Tribute Notification report select Report Printout from the left menu in order to generate a PDF of the In Memory/In Honor of letters that have been set up to go out to those that need notification of any donation activity associated with memorials/tributes.

All donations associated with a tribute from that date or date range will have a tribute notification letter generated by the system as a PDF that you can print and mail.