Donor created Tributes from the Online Donation Portal*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 7th, 2019

Your Donors can go to your Online Donations page and when they create a donation and check out they will have the option to create a Tribute via the Tribute fields. The donor can type in the name of the person they wish to honor. When the donation is processed you will see the memorial/in honor of details. 

When making a donation from the Online Donations page, donors will have the option to tag their donation with a Tribute by clicking the “Donation in Memory or Honor” checkbox before they checkout.

Once checked the donor:

  • Selects the Type of Tribute
    • Either In Memory of or In Honor of
  • Enters the name of the person, pet, place, etc. being memorialized or honored in the Person being remembered/honored text box

Optional step:

  • The Donor can also indicate Whom to Notify and How to Notify the Person that a donation was given in honor or in memory of someone
    • Enter the name of the person being notified
    • Select the radio button to indicate what method to notify them by
      • If the notification type is Postal Mail, the Donor must provide the address and zip code.
        • The system will auto-populate the city and state based on the provided zip code.
      • If the notification type Email is selected,  the Donor must provide and confirm the person’s email address

When complete, the Donor continues checking out to finish making the donation. The donation will be tagged with the Tribute.