Donations Exceeding Report*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

Use this data to fill out your 990 report.

  • Go to the Home Page
  • Select 990 Report from the Non-Profit column
  • Choose Donors from the left side menu

  • Choose a Division from the drop-down list (if applicable)
  • Enter the Financial Year you are reporting on
  • Enter an amount in the Total Donations Exceeding box  - enter the amount based on the 990 requirements for that tax year - generally $5000 (exclude the $ sign)
  • Select the Submit button

The system will generate a report showing you all the donors who gave to your foundation in excess of $5000 during the specified financial year. You will see their name, address and amount donated. 

You can print the page by choosing Print Page from the left or you can Export the data to a spreadsheet by selecting Export from the left side menu.