Add Opportunity Types

  1.  Select Opportunities from the Home page. 
  2. Click List Types.
  3. Click Add Opp Type in the left-side menu.
  4. Complete all applicable fields:
    • Type Name
      • This should describe the general goal or desired outcome of the opportunity.
      • Examples: 
        • Gift Solicitation
        • Bequest Documentation
        • Volunteer Recruitment
        • Professional Advisor Recruitment.
    • First Stage Name
      • This should reflect where the opportunity is at in its life-cycle.
        • Note: Additional Stages can be added once the opportunity type is created.
      • Examples: 
        • Identify
        • Cultivate 
        • Solicit or Ignorance 
        • Awareness
        • Ownership
    • Outcome (Optional)
      • Available Outcomes:
        • Make a Donation
          • Use when the success of the opportunity is associated with a dollar amount.
          • Examples:
            • Gift
            • Pledge
            • Open a New Fund
        • Blank
          • Use for all opportunities that do not have a dollar amount associated with their success.
  5. Click Create.

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