Create an Opportunity

Once your opportunity types, stages and tasks are created you may begin attaching opportunities to profiles. You may assign opportunities to profiles one-at-a-time or in batch.

  1. To assign opportunities to profiles one-at-a-time, click Create in the left-side menu on the Opportunity homepage, and then search for and select the desired profile.
  2. To assign opportunities to multiple profiles at a time, or in batch, go to the Profiles page and select List from the left-side menu.
    • Add filters to refine the list of profiles you’d like to target. Please note you must add at least one (1) filter.
    • Once you have filtered the data, click Create Opportunities from the left-side menu.

With either method you will be presented with opportunity fields that need to be completed:

  1. Begin by selecting one of your Opportunity Types from the drop-down list.
  2. Assign the opportunity to staff (if applicable).
    • When assigning opportunities in batch you have the option to select multiple staff.
      • If more than one staff member is selected the assignments will be distributed among them equally.
  3. Next, define the Target Date.
    • This is the date you would like the opportunity goal or outcome achieved.
  4. Now, add the desired goal Amount.
    • If this opportunity is related to receiving donations, this would be the dollar amount you’d ideally like donated from each prospect.
  5. Select, the Fund (if applicable) to which donations or pledges associated with this campaign will be contributed.

You may also choose to add the first opportunity task at this time.

  1. Select the task type from the drop down
  2. Enter a Description
  3. (Task) Due Date/Reminder Date
  4. Please note that the task will be assigned to the staff member to whom the opportunity is assigned.
  5. Once all desired information is entered click Create. 
    • You may now add additional tasks to the opportunity by clicking Add Task in the left side menu. 

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