Edit a Fund Advisor

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: June 10th, 2019
  1. Select Fund Advisors from the Home page.
  2. Select the ID of the desired fund advisor.
  3. Click Edit.
    • Edit the fund advisor's Login (username) for the Donor Portal.
    • Select the Donation Notify checkbox to notify the fund advisor when donations are made to the fund(s) they advise.
    • Select the Grant Notify checkbox to notify the fund advisor when grants are made from the fund(s) they advise.
    • Click the Statement Type drop-down to select how the fund advisor will receive their fund statements (paper, email, online).
  4. Check the boxes to select which tabs will display in the fund advisor's Donor Portal.
    • Tabs can also be assigned in bulk at the Fund, Fund Advisor, and Tab levels. 
    • The tabs shown above, will correlate with the tabs shown below:
      • Note: The Contributions tab (in the Donor Portal) correlates with Donation tab in CommunitySuite.
  5. Click Update.