Change a Fund Advisor Password*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

First be sure the Profile has been set up as a Fund Advisor and that they have logged in to their Donor Portal.

  • If not, you will need to set them up as a Fund Advisor, and they will need to a login and create a password.

If the Fund Advisor has logged in and has simply forgotten their password, you can reset it.

  • From the Home page, look under the Non-Profit column
  • Select Fund Advisors
  • Select the Fund Advisor ID number, located on the left of the Fund Advisor that needs a new password
  • Choose Reset Password from the left side menu

  • Select the red Send Login Email link on the lefthand side of the screen

When you select Send Login Email the system will generate an email for you to review and edit (this is identical to the Fund Advisor set-up email)

  • When done editing it, select Send Email
  • The email will be sent from the system to the Fund Advisor prompting them to log in and change their own password

It is advisable to also send their assigned login name when resetting the password in case they forgot.