Online Donor Portal Overview*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

A Fund can have one or more Fund Advisors who can be granted permission to have access to a secure online Donor Portal page to see fund activity and balances or make a grant request.

Access to the Donor Portal requires the following:

  • A Fund Advisor
  • A Fund assigned to the Fund Advisor
  • Providing the Donor Portal link and login to the Fund Advisor by the system Admin

This is an example of the detail provided on the Donor Portal about a specific Fund:

The Donor Portal page is similar to online banking - your Fund Advisors can view financial transactionsContributionsGrantsGrants requested, the Grant Catalog (Optional & when active), all past and current Statements and any attached Files. In addition, the Fund Advisor can access your foundation's Online Donations page from the Donate tab.

From the Donor Portal page, Fund Advisors may:

  • Review Fund(s) they advise - including the current balance (the total equity showing the asset balance minus any liabilities) and the spendable balance (if applicable)
  • See Fund transactions
  • Request Grants to give to Grantees
  • See Administrative Fees and Distributions that influence the overall Fund or Spendable balance
  • View and print all Fund Statements (PDF)
  • View any uploaded documents associated with the Fund

The Fund Advisor will ONLY be able to see information relating to their Fund(s). Fund Advisors will not be able to see Notes that are added to their Fund Advisor Profile.