Sample Instructions for Fund Advisors - How to Make a Grant Request*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

When a Fund Advisor who holds a Fund at your foundation wants to make a Grant to a Grantee, a Non-Profit or another Fund they can make a Grant Request from their Donor Portal page.

The Grant Request screen that your Fund Advisors see can have custom text added to help guide them through the process. You can change the header text in System Data under Content and find the "grant_request_header" field to help tell your Fund Advisors how to do a Grant Request.

Here is sample text for your Donor Portal Grant Request page:

You can request a grant in one of four ways:

  • Choose a grantee that you have already given a grant to. This will be an option in the first box called "Grantees you have given to in the past" 
  • Choose a fund or program to which you have already given money to. Use the box labeled "Foundation funds you have given to in the past" Note: If you have not previously given to a fund at our foundation, then this box will not show up on your screen 
  • Choose any of our funds or programs by selecting the drop-down box labeled "Other foundation funds"
  • Enter a new grantee. To do this, use the "Other Grantee" text fields 

On the following screen, you will see a Description box. In that, you can enter information for staff, such as:

  • The tax ID of the nonprofit to which you are granting, if you know this
  • If applicable, specify that this grant is "In honor of" or "In memory of" someone
  • Note if the grant is for a particular program or cause within the bigger nonprofit organization
  • Let us know if the grant should be directed to a specific person or department