What does a Fund Advisor see?*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

When your Fund Advisors login to their Donor Portal they can see the details of any fund they advise. A Fund Advisor who has the proper permissions and is logged in to the online Donor Portal can make a Grant Request or they can select to give from the Fund(s) they advise.

To review and verify what each Fund Advisor has access to your System Administrators can perform a "log in as" to see exactly what each Fund Advisor sees. 

Here is how:

  • Go Fund Advisors from the Home page
  • Select the ID number of the Advisor 
  • Choose "Login As" from the left side of your screen - You must have Admin permissions to do this and the Fund Advisor will have to have logged in and created a password.

Select any of the tabs at the top of the page to review the different areas visible to each Fund Advisor. These settings are based on the Fund set-up and the Fund Advisor visibility selections.

The default Fund Advisor's Donor Portal page will generally have the following tabs at the top unless view permissions were changed at the Fund Advisor level.

  • Home* - Shows a summary of the Fund's Balance and the Spendable Balance amounts
  • Choose Fund* - Lists Funds that the Fund Advisor has access to
  • Contributions - Shows all donations/money coming into the Fund
  • Grants - Shows all grants going out from the Fund
  • Grant Request - Where the Fund Advisor can make a Grant Request to a non-profit, a grantee or a fund.
  • Grant Catalog - When active, a fund advisor can view and donate towards a crowdfunding opportunity
  • Statements - View and download all current and historic fund statements
  • Files -  View and download any files associated uploaded to the Fund record
  • Donate* - Takes the Fund Advisor to the public Online Donations page where they can give to funds or buy tickets to events
  • Logout* - Where a Fund Advisor can log out of their Donor Portal

*=These tabs are always visible although the details may be removed based on the Fund Advisor settings for each Fund.

After reviewing, you may want to limit access to Donations, Grants, Grant Requests, Grant Catalog, Fund Statements and/or File pages at the Fund Advisor level.