Other Payment*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Use Other Payment for a variety of different types of payments, including other Credit Card processors such as PayPal or posting to a specific GL account.

  • Go to Donations
  • Choose Create from the left menu
  • Enter the Donation
  • Choose Other Payment from the list of Payment Methods
  • Continue entering the Donation as usual

If you are using Other Payment to record a payment there are a few extra steps to follow after recording the transaction. 

  • After you Post the Donation, select Show Till and scroll down to the Unreconciled Non-Till Transactions
  • Select the Deposit Account you wish to put the payment towards - select from any Asset or Liability Account
    • For example, if you have Employee Donations as a Liability Account you may select it to post the transaction against
  • Pick the red [reconcile] adjacent to the items in the Internal Module
  • Enter a Credit Card Fee (Enter the fee from a processor like PayPal or enter if no fee)
  • Pick the Reconcile button when done.