Accepting Credit Cards

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: January 12th, 2021

CommunitySuite's payment methods include accepting Credit Cards online via the Online Donations Portal and from the backend of the system. 

Here is a quick overview of how to accept credit cards.

  • Go to Stripe and set up an account -
  • Your CSM will set up the Stripe Payment Processor, as your system only needs one
  • Select your Stripe Payment Processor and verify that you have the Cash Receipt Account, Deposit Account, Live secret key and the Live publishable key entered

Once you link your CommunitySuite software system is linked to Stripe as your Credit Card Payment Processor you will see that the software automatically records online Stripe donations and the fees for each donation. Staff can also enter a one time or monthly credit card donation by creating a "Donation" and choosing Stripe as the payment method.