Profile Options*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

There are actions that can be performed on Profiles in the left side menu. 

  • Make House/Org allows you to change a Profile from an individual to a Household or an Organization (this is reversed if you are in a House/Org record)
  • Copy allows you to copy the record to create a new, similar profile
  • Link to Household allows you to link the profile to a Household record
  • Link Profile allows you to link two profiles together
  • Link Fund allows you to link a Fund to the Profile, such as a specific Donor
  • Add Note gives you the option to add a note to the Profile record
  • Email allows you to email the person/household/org from the system if they have an email on file
  • Attach File gives you the ability to attach a file to the Profile record
  • Add Image allows you to attach one image to the record
  • Create Opportunity allows you to create an opportunity for that specific profile
  • Merge allows you to merge the Profile record with another Profile record

You can also add a donation, a recurring donation, a pledge, view payments or create a payment from the Profile.