Manage Duplicate Profiles

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: May 21st, 2019

The system creates new records for donors who give online and when staff creates a new profile. Sometimes there may be duplicate records. Both can be deleted, edited or merged as needed. Online donations will create a New Profile if the donor enters different data in any of these four fields: First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email. Therefore, you will need to regularly scan system Profiles for duplicate records. Note: work phone numbers are excluded from duplicates.

  1. Navigate to Profiles.
  2. Click Duplicates from the left-side menu.
  3. Click on a Name, Email, or Phone Number to review the Duplicate. 
  4. From the left-side menu, select one of the following:
    • Ignore - No changes.
      • The Profile will be grayed out on the Manage Duplicate Profiles page.
      • To Unignore a Profile:
        1. Select the Profile.
        2. Click Unignore from the left-side menu.
    • Tag Merge - Adds Duplicates to the Merge Queue until the merge is approved.
      • From the Manage Duplicate Profiles page:
        1. Select Merge Queue.
        2. Within the Merge queue window, click Merge or Delete.
    • Merge - Takes you to the Merge Profile window where you can merge information from one Profile to the other.
      • In the Merge Profile window:
        1. Click Swap From/To to choose the Profile you're merging into.
        2. Click Process.
  5. After reviewing all duplicate records, select Mark As Reviewed from the left-side menu.


  • If you wish to see the previous list of duplicates select List Reviewed from the left side of the screen.
    • Click Unreview to return a profile back to the Duplicates list.