Custom Field Types

Written by James Meyers

Last published at: July 7th, 2021


The dropdown field type allows you to create and customize a dropdown list that can be selected from. For example, if you would like to create a field to show which school district the grant was administered to, you could create a dropdown field like the example below. 


The multiselect field type allows you to create a list of options where multiple selections can be made by checking the box associated with the field. For example, this field could be utilized to show the type of grant that is being administered. Multiple selections could be chosen if required.

Nested List

The nested list field type allows you to create a dropdown list that has another dropdown list within it. Up to five levels of nested lists can be created. For example, if you want to designate both the type and purpose of a grant, you could utilize a nested list to create the first selection to determine the type of grant and use the second selection to further narrow it down and select the purpose of the grant. 

After selecting the first list option, the second list will appear in the format below. Each further list will appear in a similar format, until all lists have had an option selected. 

Date Field

The date field allows you to collect a date in the MM/DD/YYYY format. 


The text field allows you to collect any form of text information.