Bulk Update Profiles

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: March 6th, 2020

Save time by updating the names of profiles, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses in bulk.


  • If you're unfamiliar with this feature, please speak with your CSM before proceeding.
  • Changes made in bulk can only be corrected if you save the original data and then upload that through bulk update .
  1. Select Profiles from the Home page.
  2. Click Bulk Update.
  3. Select a category to update in bulk.
  4. Click Download (Names, Addresses, Phones, or Emails).

    A .csv file containing your profile names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses will download to your computer's Downloads folder.

  5. Open the .csv file and edit the desired values.


    • Before making any changes to the data in this spreadsheet, we recommend saving a copy of the original version. This is the only way to revert back to your old data if there are issues with the changes you uploaded .
    • Test this in your Sandbox site before loading to Production.
    • Be extremely careful. The update will do what you tell it to do. There is no going back.
    • All of the items that you include in the file will be updated. Completely remove the items (rows) that you do not want to update before you Process the data.
    • You do not need to have all fields (columns) in a file. Only fields that you include in the file will be updated. Completely remove the whole column (including the header) if you do not want to update that field.
    • A row can only have one of first_name/last_name, org_name, household_name.
    • Upload will not check for duplicates in the import file or in existing database entries.
    • Leading and trailing spaces in all entries will be removed. i.e. (" Chris " becomes "Chris").
  6. Once all edits have been made, Save the Excel file to your computer.
  7. Click Choose File.
  8. Locate the updated .csv file on your computer, select the file, and click Open.
  9. Once the file has loaded, click Process.

Pro Tips

  • If you use any formulas in your editing be sure to convert the formulas to values prior to attempting upload.
  • Processing a file will create a background job – refresh this screen to check update progress and error status. If there is an error in your upload, no changes in the file will be processed in CSuite. Correct the errors and re-upload.
  • Bulk update can take a while to process – removing unedited rows and columns will reduce processing time.
  • If removing data in rows and/or columns, delete the row or column rather than clear In the Names update the following apply.
  • The Names category allows you to edit much of the native. Some additional fields available for edit include Mailing Label, Salutation, Prefix/Suffix, Birthday, Deceased, Anonymous, EIN, and Gender.
  • The ProfileID column is required and must match an existing profile id.
  • The Type column is required and also must not have its value changed.
  • You can use Excel’s Text Join formulas to customize your salutations/mailing labels.
  • Prefix/First/Middle/Last/Suffix only apply to Individual records