Opt Out Profiles from Communications*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

If a contact requests to be removed from your communications lists or does not want to be contacted, you can simply select [Do Not Mail], [Do Not Email] and/or [Do Not Call] in their Profile record. 

If [Do Not Mail], [Do Not Email] and/or [Do Not Call] are selected for a Profile record, the Address, Email and/or Phone number will not show up on any of your lists or reports. Visually you will see the Profile contact information will be crossed out with a red Do Not Mail, Email or Call message in the Profile record.

The Profile Address, Email and/or Phone number will remain in the database and it can be reinstated at any time by selecting [delete] next to the red Do Not Mail, Do Not EMail or Do Not Call indicators within the record. 

Note: If you select "Do Not Email" or "Do Not Call" the email and/or the phone number will be removed from all lists and reports for all Profiles. In other words, other profiles also cannot be contacted using that specific email or phone number. However, if an address has been tagged "Do Not Mail," it will only be opted out for that profile - addresses marked Do Not Mail will work for other profiles in the system.