Spouse Changes | Death and Divorce

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: May 4th, 2020


There are many ways to update profiles when a married couple experiences a death or divorce. This article outlines recommendations for households that have a household and two individual profiles.

In both scenarios, review fund advisor and profile fund category links, and determine if they are still accurate:

  • Remove fund advisor records from deceased profiles by deleting at the fund advisor level. This will remove access to online portal and prevent Fund Statements from being created.
  • Consider adding a profile fund category of deceased and/or former advisors to indicate historical relationship - you will have to unlink original profile fund categoryand set up a new link. This cannot be done with funds that have been closed.

A Spouse Dies

  • Mark deceased spouse on Individual Profile as Deceased and enter Deceased Date when available.
  • Set household profile to Inactive or Deceased. Determine which, and document in data management procedures:
    • If choosing Inactive: In order to effectively remove these records from communications lists, where there is contact information apply Do Not Mail, Do Not Email, and Do Not Phone.
    • If choosing Deceased: Set Household record to deceased, which will remove the profile from lists unless you manually opt in deceased records.
    • You may also update the Salutation and Mailing Label fields on the Household profile to include just the surviving spouse.
  • Leave Household Name intact, leave both Individuals linked to Household Profile.
    • NOTE: The surviving spouse will be removed from any lists using the In Household No filter. If this filter is a common function in your reporting and list generation, remove the Household Member relationship link and add a free text relationship indicating the former relationship.
  • Process any future gifts from surviving spouse under surviving spouse record.
  • If the surviving spouse remarries:
    • Set up a new Household record for surviving spouse and new spouse.
    • Unlink surviving spouse from Household record.
    • Link surviving spouse to the new Household record.
    • Add relationship between deceased spouse and surviving spouse to indicate past relationship.
      Giving information from the surviving spouse will be reflected on their new Household record. Giving from the surviving spouse's deceased spouse and former Household record will not be reflected on their new Household record.

A Couple Divorces

  • Un-link both spouses as Household Members
  • Mark Household as Inactive or Deceased. Determine which, and document in data management procedures.
  • Add free text relationship link between both Individuals and the Household record to indicate historical relationship.
  • Add free text relationship link between the ex-spouses to indicate historical relationship.
  • Both are not linked to a Household at this point and can be linked to future spouses and Households if they remarry.
  • Update Individual names as relevant.
  • Household giving history will remain on the household record while individual giving history will remain with each spouse.