SSN Field


Written by Sydney Henderson

Last published at: March 17th, 2021

Setting up the SSN Field

The ability to set and clear the SSN field are separate permissions within the Profiles page. You must have these specific permissions enabled to set and/or clear. 

To set the SSN field follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to Profiles.

2. Search for the relevant Profile

3. Click [set].

4. Enter the SSN.

If you are not sure the SSN field was entered correctly, you cannot "reveal" it to see what it is. You will need to clear the field then re-enter it to make sure the SSN field is correct.

Clearing the SSN Field

To clear the SSN field follow steps one and two from above then click [clear] next to the SSN

Reporting the SSN 

Reporting the SSN is only available in two reports: 

  • 1099 E-File Export
  • Vendors Paid Canned Report

Permissions are separate and set either in Reports - Vendor Report Export or if you've turned on 1099 E-File in System Data then this permission would be connected to that.