Adjustments & Revenue Share*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

If your investment company makes an adjustment to your statement you will need to recalculate your Revenue Share and re-run the Revenue Share process to reallocate the adjusted balances to your funds.

To Adjust one Statement Voucher:

  • Go to Accounts
  • In your list of Accounts find and select the hyperlinked Account Vendor (eg. Schwab)
  • Choose Vouchers from the left side of the screen to see a list of all the Vouchers created for the Vendor, including Statement Vouchers
  • Select the ID number of the Statement Voucher
  • Choose Unpost from the left-hand side of your screen

  • Select Edit from the left menu to change the amounts on the Statement Voucher
  • Pick Save and then select the red Post

To Adjust several Statement Vouchers and transactions: 

  • Select the Account that the transactions were attributed to
  • Pick the Revenue Share Holding Fund amount (hyperlinked)

  • Your new window will open in the General Ledger, you will select [clear] to change the date range to all dates (top of the report)

  • You will see all historical transactions for the Account, find the one that needs to be changed
  • Select the Transaction ID number (TID) (eg. 1035) in the left column of the transactions
  • Choose the hyperlinked voucher in the Reference column (Ref)

  • Choose Unpost from the left
  • Pick Edit from the left to make any changes
  • Repost the Statement Voucher with the new numbers

Often by correcting your Revenue Share transactions, this means that the books may need to be opened as well. The system will alert you.