Revenue Share Parent*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

Set up your system to modify Revenue Share options by assigning a Revenue Share Parent to a Fund. This is another way to share gains and losses in your managed Funds.

In Accounts, Revenue Share Parent allows you to link an account to an investment pool for Revenue Share calculations. When you set a Revenue Share Parent the system will update all Funds in the Account with the selected investment asset.

  • Go to Accounts
  • Select the hyperlinked Account ID number, ex. 1001
  • In the Rev Share Parent area, choose [set] 

  • Pick the Investment Account from possible Rev Share Parent Asset Accounts

You will see a list of all the Funds that are housed in that Account. You will see the new Account they will be associated with under Swap To. The system will ask if you wish to move these Funds into the new Asset Account for the purposes of running the revenue share operation.

In order to link an account to another account for revenue sharing purposes, the system "swaps" these balances to the parent account, and also potentially changes the investment or checking account for those funds to the parent account as well.

To approve this change you will need to select [Yes, swap balances and make fund updates as needed] at the bottom of the page

  • The system will swap out the Fund balances to the new account 

The account record will now reflect the change in the Rev Share Parent area.

NOTE: This action cannot be readily undone so it is advisable to review your goals with your CSM before moving forward.

Review this video to see how to set up an Account with a Revenue Share Parent.