Vendors Paid Report

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: January 22nd, 2019

The Vendors Paid Report can be used to track payments made to Vendors by your Foundation, and build out your IRS 1099 form.

After selecting a Custom Date or Common Date Range, the Vendors Paid table will display a list of all Vendors who received payments from your foundation during the specified date range. Each line item will display the following fields:

  • Vendor - The Vendor record of a profile within CommunitySuite.
  • EIN - Employee identification number; specified within the associated vendor Profile.
  • Employee - A Profile Designation that can be assigned within the vendor's Profile.
  • Need 1099 - Used to track whether or not a vendor needs a 1099 form; designated within the Vendor Record of a vendor's Profile.
  • First Check - First check paid to the vendor within the specified date range.
  • Last Check - Last check paid to the vendor within the specified date range.
  • Amount - Amount of the last check paid to the vendor (within the specified date range).
  • IRS_Box(#) - Corresponding box number from IRS 1099 form; specified within the Account that a vendor is paid from.
    • If an IRS_Box is selected on the associated account, the amount from the Last Check will display within the corresponding IRS_Box(#) column.