Run Custom Reports


Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: April 14th, 2022

Run custom reports for customer relationship management (CRM) data, and certain financial data in CommunitySuite.

  1. Select Reports from the Home page.
  2. In the Custom Reports window, click Create next to the type of report that you want to create.

    Specific financial reports such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, etc., can be found on the Financials page.

  3. Scroll through the list or Search Available Fields, then select a field to add it to the report.
    • If the field is not available, try searching for it in a different (but similar) report.
    • Add the Funit Id field to any report (where that field is available) and you will see options to Send To 990 [Donor, Grantees, or Support Calculation] Report.
  4. Select Total Column to total the data from all rows in the column. The total will display in a new row at the bottom of the column.
  5. Select how you'd like to aggregate the data from the selected field.

    The available Aggregate options are dictated by field type (Integer, Boolean, Numeric, etc).

    Repeat steps 3 - 5 until all desired fields have been added.

  6. To change the order of your columns, left-click and hold on the three lines to drag the fields up or down.

    Change the aggregate information of a different field by clicking on a field name in the Current Fields column.

  7. Click Group By to group your data by the current field.

    Data can only be grouped by a single field.

  8. Sort the column in Ascending or Descending order.

    In this example, the report is grouped by Fund Name. Since Fund Name is a variable character (Varchar) field, the column will be sorted in alphabetical order from A-Z (Ascending), or Z-A (Descending).

  9. In the Column Sort Priority selection, drag and drop each column name into a desired hierarchy to prioritize how your columns are sorted.

    If you grouped your data by a specific field, that field will be the first field listed in the Column Sort Priority.

  10. Specify the Max Results (maximum number of results) that you want to generate, the number of Results Per Page, or select Show All to show all results generated by the report.
  11. Once all parameters are set, click Run to generate the report.
  12. If needed, select Edit to return to the previous screen.
  13. Click Filter to filter the report by additional fields.

    To remove a filter or grouping, click the to the left of the filter name or grouping.

  14. Review the report and click Save.
  15. Give the report a Name, check the box next to Share to share the report with other users, or select the drop-down menu to update an existing report, then click Save.

    If Share is selected, other users will be able to view, edit, and copy the report.

  16. Click Export to download the report to your computer as a .csv file.

For an overview on reporting in CommunitySuite, please refer to Filter, Canned, and Custom Reports