Partially Cancel a Scholarship Award

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 21st, 2019

Rather than canceling an entire scholarship you may cancel specific scholarship line items that have not yet been paid.

  1. On the Scholarship page, search for and select the scholarship opportunity.
  2. In the Recipients table, click the ID number of the scholarship award you'd like to partially cancel.
  3. In the Recipient Payments list, click the Cancel option next to the applicable payment. 
  4. Enter the Cancel Date. 
  5. Then click Cancel. 
  6. The Cancel Amount and Cancel Date will appear in the Payment row.


  • Paid payments can not be canceled.
  • You may uncancel the line item if needed by clicking uncancel in the far right column of the Recipient Payments table.
  • If you have CommunityGrants or CommunityScholarship integration, the installment related to the scholarship line item will be set to zero (0).