Example Scholarship Workflow*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

Go to Scholarships from the Home page

  • Choose Add Recipient from the left side menu
  • Select the Scholarship that you are awarding
  • Choose a Student
  • To Create a $2000 scholarship, enter 2000 in Scholarship Amount
  • Pick an Award date of 7/1/2015
  • Select Add

The software database uses the 7/1/2015 date and expenses the entire scholarship amount on that date. It shows up in Scholarship Payable for $2000.

Next, you will create a payment schedule - this is applicable for one time scholarships or multi-year scholarships. Your payment schedule date(s) are the date(s) you will be cutting the check(s). In our example we will do two $1000 payments:

  • $1000 on 7/10/2015
  • $1000 on 7/10/2016

You can do this by choosing Add Payment Date from the left.

  • Pick the Payment Date you will cut the check and enter an amount in Open Amt - in this case, 1000
  • Choose Save 
    • Optional (if known): Select [set] in the School column, next to Undecided, to select a School
    • Optional (if known): Choose [edit] in the Student Number column to  enter the student number
    • NOTE: School/Grantee needs to be set in order to pay out a scholarship

The scholarship will have a remaining amount that needs to be scheduled out.

  • Pick Add Payment Date from the left again and enter the amount and the next date you plan to pay the Scholarship
  • Choose the Save button

Now you can Post the Scholarship to your books - choose Post from the left. You cannot post a scholarship into a closed period.

You will now see a red [pay] option for the scholarship you posted (if the school has been selected).

When you are ready to pay the Scholarship, select [pay] (red) and you will see Post & Get Approval on the left to send the payment to your Grant Approver(s). 

  • Once Approved, select [pay] in the Grant Payment Schedule table under the CheckID column
  • You will be in Accounts Payable to pay the Voucher that pays the scholarship
  • Choose the Payment Account (eg. Checking) and the payment date of the check
  • Verify the amount and choose the Apply Amount checkbox
  • Choose the Next button

The system uses the original date (ie. 7/10/2015) as the date of the Scholarship (Grant), then the Scholarship is tracked as a Grant, it will go through the Grant process where it needs to be approved, and following approval, the Grant (Scholarship) goes to Vouchers to be paid.

  • When a voucher is created the transaction moves the money from Scholarships Payable and puts the money into Accounts Payable for the $1000 amount (dated 7/10/2015).
  • When writing a check, users can select the actual date the check is cut.
  • Writing a check moves the $ from Accounts Payable to cash (the amount to be paid out).