Repost a Refunded Scholarship*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

A refunded scholarship can be re-posted to another school for the same student by selecting the red Add Payment Date from the left side of the screen.

  • Choose the new Payment Date
  • Enter the Amount of money to be awarded in the Open Amt box
  • Select the Save button in the right column
  • Now choose [set] and select a new school

You will see a red [pay] to continue the scholarship payment process

  • Select [pay] 
  • Select the red Post & Get Approval link on the left
  • Grant Approvers assigned to this Fund will be sent an email to approve or reject this Scholarship/Grant

If Approved, you will see [pay] in the CheckID column on the Grant Payment Schedule

  • Select [pay] to go to Accounts Payable and pay the Voucher