Scholarship Checks*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

After creating a scholarship and scheduling out the payments you can print Scholarship checks. Each student awardee needs an up to date student number because the student name and their number will print on the check stub (allowing your foundation to write one check to a school for numerous student scholarships).

When you are ready to pay the scholarship

  • Post the Scholarship by selecting the red Post
  • Select the red Pay link
  • Enter the actual payment date. This is usually the date you want the check cut or a date in the same month as you want the check to but cut. This date must be in an open accounting period.
  • Check Pub 78 with Guidestar but usually, for schools, their Grantee profile will need to be edited and the No Pub78 checkbox checked
  • Choose Get Approval (red)
  • Once approved, the Pay link (red) on the left-hand side will show up
  • Select Pay
  • Choose which bank account will pay the check and the date of the check
  • Select Review Checks at the bottom of the screen
  • If it is electronic select the Elec check box, and you can add a memo to the check
  • The check is ready for the next check run

If your scholarships have already been created and posted you can go to Accounts Payable from the Home page and you will see a list of Accounts and Scholarships Payable.