Void & Refund a Scholarship Check

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: February 4th, 2021

Void and refund a scholarship check if you do not need to repay the check, or you need to send the check to a new university because the student has changed schools

Only checks that have been posted and issued can be voided. Once a check is voided, the voided status cannot be reversed.

You will not be able to void a check if the books have been closed for the payment account that the check was paid from.

  1. Select the Posted Checks bucket and click the ID of the scholarship check that you want to void refund.
  2. Click Void.
  3. Click Refund scholarships.
    • Clicking the Refund scholarships button automatically create an entry to void and refund the scholarship check. 
    • If you need to void and reissue the check to the same school, use the Void like normal option.
  4. Enter a date and click Void Check and create scholarship refunds.

    The Date is when the reversal of the entries happens.

  5. Select the Grant ID associated with the scholarship.
  6. Select the Scholarship that the check was attached to.
  7. Select Add Payment Date.
  8. Add a Payment Date, enter the Amount, and click Save.

    The Payment Date will be the date you re-issue the check to a new university or the date that you cancel the scholarship (if it will no longer be paid).

  9. Click Cancel to cancel the remaining portion.