Entering Schools*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

A school is a Grantee in the system. You will need to create a Grantee Profile for each school prior to creating a Scholarship or refunding Historical Scholarships.

If a school, University or College has not been selected by your scholarship recipient you can enter the scholarship and list the school as Undecided. Once the student has selected a school you must add the school to proceed with the grant/scholarship process.

  • Go to Grantee from the Home page
  • Search Grantees for the school by typing the name in the search box
    • If you find the school you can proceed with adding the school to the student scholarship
    • If you cannot find the school in your Grantee Profiles database, you will need to go to Profiles
  • Search your Profiles database for the school
    • If it is not found, select Create from the left side of your screen to create a new Profile
  • Enter the school name in the Organization text field and the address and phone
  • Select Save when done

The Profile will be created

  • Next, scroll down the left side menu and select +Make Grantee

The system will automatically make the school a Grantee and a Vendor. This allows you to write checks to them as a Grantee and to accept refunds from the school as a Vendor.

  • Scroll down the Profile and select the Profile is hyperlinked Grantee 

This will take you to the Grantee page for the school.