Entering Students*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 8th, 2019

Create a Student Profile by going to Students and select Create from the left side menu. 

  • If you already have the student as a Profile in your system you will need to tag that Profile as a Student.
    • If the Profile of a Student does not exist, you will need to create their Profile.

After a Profile is tagged as a Student you will be redirected to the new Student record.

  • From the left side menu, you can 
    • Attach File -including documents or scanned items such as Applications, transcripts, etc. Choose any file from your computer and pick the Upload button to attach it to the student record.
    • Add Note- this is where you can type internal messages related to the student.
    • Email the student from your system if you have an email in the Student’s Profile record.  Emails sent will be recorded in Profile Notes for reference.
    • Set Inactive gives you the ability to make the student no longer active to receive scholarships. 
      • They can be made Active again by selecting Make Active on the left side menu.
    • Add Student Number gives you the ability to record the Student Number. 
    • Edit Student Numbers allows you to edit the number in the Student Number box or add another school and associated Student ID Number
    • Add Scholarship gives you the option to add an existing scholarship to the student. Selecting this option takes you to the scholarships section and you will begin the scholarship award process.
  • Choose Update when done adding the relevant data to the student record