Template Overview

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: September 10th, 2019

Use Templates to personalize letters for bulk mailings. When you have letters to send to contacts who are in your Profiles you can use Templates. When you set up Templates you can generate unique letters by using letter specific "fields" to insert data through a mail-merge type process.

Each letter that is produced will have identical layout, formatting, text, and graphics. Specific sections of each type of letter will vary.

You can download a letter template and customize the messaging using word processing software like Word or Google Docs before uploading it for use in CommunitySuite. 

Here is how to create your template letters in the system:

  • Go to System Data
  • Select Templates from the left-hand side of the screen
  • Pick one of the Example Templates

  • The system will automatically download the template to your computer as a Word file (.docx) - you can open this with any word processing software but be sure to save it as a .docx in order to upload it.

Open the downloaded template document in your word processing software and you will see the specific fields that can be used only for that letter template.

Example Grant Letter:

This is an example letter that creates one letter per grant - even if there are multiple grants being paid with one check. Grant Letter Example is a document that shows you the fields you can use to populate a grant letter:

Separator {{#foreach grant}}

Community Foundation name and address information

{{site.name}} {{site.address}} {{site.address2}} {{site.city}}, {{site.state}} {{site.zipcode}} {{site.phone}}

Grantee/Profile Info

Vendor Name: {{check.vendor_name}} 

Profile Name:{{check.profile_name}}

Salutation: {{check.salutation}}

Check Information

Check Date (YYYY/MM/DD): {{check.check_date}}

Today Nice Date (MM/DD/YYYY): {{check.today_nice_date}}

Check Number: {{check.check_num}}

Check Amount: {{check.check_amount}}

Check Address: {{check.check_address}} {{check.check_address2}} {{check.check_city}}, {{check.check_state}} {{check.check_zipcode}}

Grant Date: {{grant_date}}

Total Grant Amount: {{total_grant_amount}}

Description: {{description}}

Fund Name: {{funit_name}}

Grant Summary: {{summary}}

Sponsored Vendor: {{sponsored_vendor_name}}

EXAMPLE GRANT LETTER - Template for a basic grant letter using some of the merge fields 

{{#foreach grant}}Community Foundation


Dear {{check.vendor_name}},

Our Community Foundation has awarded you a grant from {{funit_name}} in the amount of ${{grant_payment_amount}} on {{grant_date}} for {{description}}.


Executive Director

You can copy and save the example letter template or create your own using our sample merge fields for your data.

Once you have created your own letter with the information you want, you will need to upload the letter for use.

  • Go to System Data
  • Choose Templates
  • Select Create
  • Pick the Type of letter from the drop-down
  • Check if this is Advanced or not
  • Select your customized letter from your computer and upload it via the Choose File button 
  • Add a Description to distinguish the letter from others
  • Select the Upload File button

After the document is uploaded, select the red Verify/Test to make sure the letter works as intended. The new letter template will now be in your system for printing. You may upload as many different templates as needed for each letter type. Be sure to designate which one is the default.

Your software will populate the fields that you have inserted with data as indicated.