User Profiles

Written by James Meyers

Last published at: April 14th, 2022

Internal Users of CommunitySuite are associated with a profile record in addition to their user designation. As a result of this, you’ll are able to track items such as title, department and other information related to the individual as a profile on a profile record. 

Profiles have been created automatically for all users within your CommunitySuite site. These profiles may need to be merged with existing profiles, if profiles were already created for existing users within your site before this change. 

CSuite will not allow you to merge directly from a User profile. In order to merge User profiles, you will need to access the non-user profile and merge the profiles from there. 

ACH settings will be reset when profiles are merged, and will need to be reset if profiles are merged.

If the profiles are merged and the primary profile does not have a Stripe ID, the Stripe ID will be removed. This will cause issues relating to any online donations made through Stripe. 

Since user names and emails are associated with the user profile, they will now need to be edited on the profile page instead of the user page. The login for any user may be edited on the user designation page. 

This change will not affect any existing permissions associated with access to users or user groups.