Create a Voucher

  1. Navigate to Vouchers.
  2. Click Create in the left-side menu.
  3. In the Choose Vendor window, enter the name of the Vendor and select from the names or click Show List to select a Vendor.
  4. In the Create Voucher window, complete the following:
    • Voucher Date (required).
    • Fund - Select the Fund that the Voucher will be paid from.
    • Reference Number - Usually located on the invoice (if left blank a unique ID number will be assigned).
    • Attachments - Allows you to attach a file associated with the Voucher. Invoices or any other documentation can be saved or scanned.
    • Terms - Leave blank or choose Due on Receipt.
    • Due Date (if applicable)
    • Reduce Spendable - Check the box if this payment will be made from a Funds spendable balance.
  5. If desired, Create a Payment for the voucher by filling out the Optional fields.
  6. In the Items table, complete the following: 
    • Expense Account - The Expense Account to be charged.
    • Description
    • Quantity - The default is one (1) if left blank.
    • Unit Cost - Amount from the bill
  7. Click Save.

Pro Tip: 

  • For repeat Vouchers, select Copy from your list of Recent Vouchers in the upper-right corner of the screen. The Account, Description, Quantity and Amount will all be duplicated - so remember to enter the new charges and date as needed. This is only available after you have created at least one Voucher for the Vendor.

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